About us

About Us

Hi We're Gaby and Tony!

Our love of travel connected us and we want to pay it forward. At Trips for Tags we believe few things in life are more valuable than travel. As they say, it's the only thing you pay for that makes you richer. Yet a lot of us are unable to make this investment.

Our world is an increasingly divided one, and our views still based on 'single stories', despite the growing reliance on technology that should result in just the opposite.

We have seen the dangers of prejudice and single narratives on our own home turf in the US in recent times. We have also seen the power of travel to expand perspectives, open minds and break those barriers down.

It's more important than ever to use travel as a force for good.

We've brainstormed how to make it happen for more of us and decided to combine the two causes we're passionate about: excess plastic in our daily lives and responsible travel.

Can we achieve a small progress in the former while spreading the love of the latter? It's certainly worth a try!

Bon Voyage!
Gaby and Tony



Make Tags

Make luggage tags. Organize a clean up and get creative using plastic waste.

Get Tags

Donate and get your unique luggage tag. Donations fund trips.


Our regular lottery will send lucky explorers on awesome trips

"Travel. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."

Ibn Battuta