Tag Instructions

  • Upcycle plastic waste.
  • Colors, shapes and patterns are totally up to you.
  • YouTube is full of ideas on how to make DIY luggage tags.
  • Please make them as sturdy and long lasting as you can find a way to (if you think you've come up with a genius technique make a video and share with us!)
  • They must have a strap, cord or another way to attach them, for example:
  • Please make your tags roughly (depending on shape) to the following dimensions: 2-2.3 in x 3.5-4.3 in (5-6 cm x 9-11 cm)
  • Each tag must be HAND MADE of plastics and be totally unique.
  • You must share videos and/or photos of your work in progress on social media using #tripsfortags.
  • Please fill out this form and attach it when sending your tags.
  • In case of any doubts please contact us

Small Print

  • Trips will be organized by a third party experienced tour agent and will include flights, board and lodging, a tour guide, insurance - full package.
  • We will only work with ethical and responsible tour operators who care about bringing travel benefits to both hosts and visitors.
  • Group size is 6 plus up to 2 guardians.
  • It will be up to you to decide on the lucky 6, perhaps another lottery?
  • We will discuss destination and trip details once we know the lucky group - a lot will depend on your location and availablility.
  • Each lottery entry must send a minimum of 100 tags.
  • To increase chances you can submit multiple entries of 100 or more tags.
  • Trips might be organized domestically or abroad.
  • You will be responsible for organizing your travel documents.
  • Please send all your tags as one package to enable easy handling.
  • We post tags to the USA and Canada for the time being; if you'd like to have them sent elsewhere please contact us.